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Professional Automotive, Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

Total Security Locksmith in Alexandria, VA, offers top quality residential, commercial and car locksmith services, such as lock installation or car key duplication. Our services include but are not limited to:
• Car, House and Office Lockouts
• Cutting and Programming of New Car Keys
• Duplication and Programming of Existing Car Keys
• Lock Repair
• Ignition Replacement
• Motorcycle keys
• Installation of New Locks & Deadbolts
• Rekeying Existing Locks & Deadbolts
• Master Rekeying
• Key Extraction
• Safes
• Mailbox Locks

• File Cabinet Locks
• Gate or Fencing Lock Installation
• Patio or Franch Door Lock Installation
• Garage Door Locks
• Bike Locks
• Evictions


This is the type of service you need when you want to open a lock and do not have the key. Be it the keys to your house, your office, or your car, our skilled technicians offer non-destructive emergency entry services to help you get back inside as soon as possible. For residential and commercial properties, when necessary, we can also change or repair your lock so that you can feel safe and secure in the building. For cars, we have the capability to cut and program all types of automotive keys, including high-security models, laser cuts, and remote control toggles.

Lock Repair

Wherever possible, Total Security Locksmith aims to repair a lock rather than replace it. Oftentimes, the lock doesn't actually need to be replaced, and a repair or partial part replacement will suffice. Our pricing considers various factors, such as the actual problem, the lock brand and its cost, and the short-term vs long-term viability of the repair. Sometimes, a repair might cost almost as much as a replacement, and so it would not be a practical solution. Our locksmith professionals will explain to you what the best option is for your particular situation.

Installation and Lock Opening

Installing a lock is exactly what it sounds like! It is the act of physically installing newhardware. It may be mounted into an existing hole or into one that we cut. We at Total Security Locksmith install a variety of makes and models for both personal and professional use. Often, before installing a new lock, the old one must first be opened. In addition to your standard residential, commercial, and vehicle door locks, we are alos equipped to handle safes, mailboxes, file cabinets, gates/fencing, patio/french doors, garage doors and bike locks, among others.

Rekeying, Recoding, and Recombinations

One of the most common locksmith services, rekeying is the technical term for changing a lock without altering the existing hardware (meaning that you don't generally need to purchase any additional parts). Some locks require the existing key to be rekeyed. Our technicians will visually inspect your locks on-site and provide you with a quote for specialty rekeying services. Please note it is not always possible to rekey a lock, in which case it may need to be replaced.


While unpleasant, sometimes landlords have no choice but to evict their tenants, be it for non-payment or disturbance issues. If you unfortunately find yourself in this situation, we are prepared to help in the process and change your locks immediately. Please note that eviction-related service calls require the presence of not only of a locksmith but also of a law enforcement official, and we have no control over the arrival time or on-site decisions that this official might make.


Total Security Locksmith guarantees all hardware we install or labor we provide for a period of 90 days. This covers normal wear-and-tear and implies that the door or lock mounting is in reasonable condition and working order. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to or improper maintenance of the work by the customer or a third party. Any warranty issues past this 90-day period are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. We do not offer a warranty on work performed by third parties on said lock after our date of service, and any future work completed by a third party provider will effectively void this warranty. Duplicate keys that are improperly cut by a third party are not the responsibility of Total Security Locksmith, nor are key control and distribution issues. This warranty does not apply to electronic or power locking devices.


By authorizing our locksmiths—verbally, in writing or otherwise—to provide you with locksmith services, you are hereby granting Total Security Locksmith and its contractors the access to your home, office, or vehicle needed to successfully complete the job. Although our technicians are among the most professional in the industry, accidents do happen on occasion. We will not be liable for any damages, scuffs, marks, dents or dings prior to, caused by, or remaining after our technician's visit. Although the utmost care is taken during a vehicle entry, we will not be held accountable for any paint scouring or scratching that may occur.




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